Sunday, 29 April 2012

thinks we have learnt in this week

    Thinks we have learnt in this week

Initially, we have done an activity on respiratory system: it was a role play we all were part of the play. Then we wrote an essay on respiratory system. This was our first activity.

Next, we have done activity on digestive system. In we were divided into groups. I think that it was very help to me to understand.
I like the way to learn about system. And I think we could never forget this. I was so happy to learn this I will never every forget this it is brilliant. I liked everything but I would like if we express our ways of learning in assembly . and I also have website named as . in this we can express our knowledge.
                                    Tank you

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  1. Muskan, I want you to edit your work yourself first. Check for tense (use simple past tense: 'we did..'; 'we learnt...', etc.). Use a better title. The topic sentence is missing too.

    Edit your work and publish again. Do not remove this one.