Monday, 16 April 2012

my suprising holiday

                       Chronology writing

Initially I explain my homework to my mom. Then I rest for two / three day .later I started doing my homework meanwhile my mom was impress with me because I was help full . I was doing everything time to time.

 In jamat khana I went to DUA classes and I played with my friends.  Just before that I help the old people example 1 . giving them water. 2.  Road crossing. Extra . During the time I made some new friends.  I was quite mysteries. Then I go back to home. 

I have called my friends at my home we played together, we have discussed our homework and about our school at that time I was feeling was very lucky that I am in this school. In the afternoon I have a ride on my bicycle with my friends for 1 and half hour.

After that I prepare my bro for the exam every 2 hours and I was hoping that my bro will do the best in the exam gradually I was planning for my homework. And I was also doing my homework. I loved to do my homework which to be making a video.

After words I and my bro were fitting with pillow. And my mom was sometimes scolding use but we were not filling sad.

I met few people and told them to save energy, not to smoking and advise them to eat healthy food
{green vegetable, fruits, other vegetables, etc. }

Eventually I was happy that I have done my homework. And I was free to play.

I went to my nebourhood and saw lots of picture some were phunk2, ghost rider, don2, etc.

And all the holidays I was eating .and waiting for the school. At the last day I was packing my bag.

Happy holidays

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