Sunday, 27 May 2012


Dear farjana,

                       Farjana how are you? Since, 3 weeks there is no letter from you.  Today, I am going to tell you about some special about my life.

         I now you are confused what, why, etc.  today, I will tell you what I will do every day, every week, every month, every year,  a thing I my life.

         Do you now every day I will go to jamat khana you have this?  But why you have this question. We go every time to jamat khana to pray to the god. It is the place where we share our feeling to the god. We learn about our religion.

          Every week I and my family go for the family picnic. My family thinks that should meet together at least a week so we can share what we have done in a week what we learn etc. this we do in a week.

                            Every month in our jamat khana we moth because there is the festival named as chandhrad. We pray to the god that what every mistake we do and we are very sorry about it. That is the reason we go to jamat khana every month.

            Every year I celebrate my birthday because I should remember that this day I was born.
            In a life that I have done in fact that we all has done is we born. When we come in world that will be the words sweetest day.

This way about my life. Do you like it farjana? Now what about you.

Yours lovingly

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