Tuesday, 8 May 2012

class 5 made a person!!!!

      Class 5 made a person!!!
We the class 5 has done an activity on skeleton system. Initially, we were divided into four team.
   Afterwards, we get some play doo. Mam, told use to make a person who can stand. We try our best to make the person stand. This we have tried for few minutes. Then we have a discussion with our and we have reflected about it.
     After a while, we took the play doo. Meanwhile, mam gave use ice-cream sticks. And we were used to make a standing person. At the same the time, mam gave some things like heart, lungs, stomach, kidney and brain. And we need to put in person’s body. Then, we had the reflection and at that time our person was standing straight.
              So, our bones are the structure of our body. Are also joints and every bones have some different names.
                          This was about skeleton system.


  1. muskan this is really good that you are reading books and your vocabulary is improving but try to frame the sentences as bigger as you can. very good!!!!

  2. Muskan, can you correct the tense of some verbs? Also, it's 'play dough'.