Wednesday, 18 April 2012

TOM AND JERRY { Smarty Cat }

One day, Tom was alone at home . He called his friends through the help of the poster. The friends of tom were 1. Black biggest Tom, 2.Small greyish Tom 3. Medium orange Tom. Then they all came inside and the black cat said "Today, I will show you the ,"adventures of a dumb dog and Tom." Tom said "Let's see the video. Meanwhile, Jerry was also seeing the video. Tom thew Jerry out side the house. Afterwards, Tom and his friends stared watching the video.  
                              EPISODE 1

                 TOM THE LOVER BOY

Initially, Tom was staring at the beautifully girl in the house. Before,  Tom went in the house, He wanted to kill spike with the help of bricks. At last, the beautiful girl comes down.When Tom was going towards the girl. Spike came running. Tom was kissing the girl. During, every round Tom kisses the girl. Tom tried to kiss spike instead of the girl. When he realized that he was actually holding spike, he thew spike   and the ground.


Black Tom laugh and told this was the lover boy. Then, every one laughed together.

in this there are some lines which are chronology.

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