Sunday, 22 April 2012

respiratory system

Respiratory system

Today,  muskan the reporter going to tell you about respiratory system.

How do we breathe from our nose?

When we breathe we don’t only breathe oxygen, but we also breathe carbon-di-oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, sulpher. These are 5 gases we breathe. Our nose hair which are called as cilia. Cilia stop the dust when we breathe.

*    Frist, when we breathe cilia stop the dust to go inside.

*    Afterwards, it go through the food pipe named as trachea.

*    Then bronchus passes to bronchioles.

*    Bronchioles give to alveoli.

*    Alveolus gives oxygen to capillaries.

*    And then capillaries give to blood

*    Meanwhile, alveolus gives back carbon-di-oxygen to bronchioles gives to bronchi , bronchi gives trachea , at last it reached to nose. And we leave out oxygen.
at the same time diapragm goes down.

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