Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Renewable sources


renewable soures meaning:renewable energy is natural energy which is

renewable forms:

wind:wind made windmill fans move and that made electricity.

hydro: Hydro means water { in Latin } hydro power is energy made from water.

geothermal energy : by burring by producers of living thing  example: dead plants , leaves , goober,etc.

                        don't use

non-renewable soures means:non-renewable thing is limited.

fossil fuel: fossil fuel has three major forms that are coal oil and natural gas.fuel is made from dead plants and animals.

coal:coal has a hard subtance with black coloured.anthracite,bituminous and lignite are the three types of forms.

oil:oil is another fossil fuel. it was fromed more than 300 million year ago. the scientists say that tiny diatoms are the soures of oil. crude oil must be changed into other products by heating the thick black oil. oil is used for lighting,petrol,pipelines,fuel, burring, etc.

natural gas : something between 6000 to 2000 years BCE the  first natural gas was discovered.
natural gas is lighter than air.

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