Wednesday, 28 March 2012

roald dahl { the magic finger }

  In this story there is a girl , Phillip Gregg , William Gregg  and Mr and Mrs Gregg.

           There is a girl always tell to Phillip and that hunting is not good.But they will make fun of her.
When i am cross and my face will be red.

       school time : Mrs winter asked the girl tell me the spelling of cat . the girl said k-a-t ."get out of my class," the girl was crossed.And the teacher became a fox.They went out to fly outside and the duck became human being and capture the home.

       the girl thought of a plan to give punishment. at the night they became birds.them and Mrs Gregg family made a nest and the ducks came and shoot him Mr Gregg was pleased that don't kill my son . duck told you have kill my 6 kids .

         so Mr and Mrs Gregg got his punishment and they promised that they will never.


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