Saturday, 17 March 2012

introduction of aga khan academy girl

I am muskan. I am a student of aga khan academy and I a studying in grade 5. I have a small family{ my mom ,dad,bro and me} I like to eat pizza , Burger, mango.I like all the colours. In future i want to be software engineer, artist, etc. actually i wanted to become lot of things and invent a machine. my hobbies is to read , sports , etc. and a big and very special mu dream is to work in hisshaness favourite is social , sports, etc

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  1. Thanks Muskan - this is really interesting. Why do you like pizza and burgers? Don't you like Indian food? I love gulab jamun! It is great that you have so many hobbies and that you are already thinking of what you might do in the future. It is a wonderful dream to have to work for His Highness - good luck! What could you do now to help in doing that do you think?